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The Soldier For Life Podcast

Jan 10, 2023

As a military retiree, what happens to your health care benefits once you become eligible for Medicare at age 65? What Medicare coverage do you need? At what point should you sign up for Medicare (and what happens if you wait)? What is the relationship between Medicare and TRICARE for Life? And what steps do you need to go through to get the coverage that you need?

Get answers to all of these questions and more on this episode of the Soldier For Life Podcast as the Director of Army Retirement Services, Mr. Mark Overberg, talks with Rear Admiral (Dr.) Christine Hunter (United States Navy, Retired), a TRICARE expert who serves on the Board for WPS Health Systems (which manages the TRICARE For Life, FLTCIP, and FEDVIP contracts) and previously served as Medical Director for the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program and Deputy Director of the Defense TRICARE Management Activity.

Podcast Resource Links:

✅ Military OneSource Webinar “How to Get Started with Medicare and TRICARE” -

✅ WPS Health Systems (TRICARE for Life Administrator) for individual questions - call 866-773-0404 or visit them online at