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The Soldier For Life Podcast

Jul 30, 2019

Army veteran and Soldier For Life, Chris Newsome provides expert advice on how to make the most of hiring fairs.  Chris is the Senior Vice President-Candidate Acquisition at Bradley-Morris/RecruitMilitary.  Chris's primary role is to aggregrate and support America's military men, women, and their families with career...

Jul 28, 2019

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a Federal tax credit available to employers for hiring Veterans, Disabled Veterans and other non-Veteran groups.  Eligible employers can receive a federal tax credit ranging from $1,200 to $9,600 for each qualified employee hired under the WOTC program, or $9,000 over a...

Jul 27, 2019

This episode shares with our audience why we started an official U.S. Army Soldier For Life Podcast and what they can expect from future episodes.