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The Soldier For Life Podcast

Jun 27, 2021

Sometimes you get the chance to rewrite your own story, and sometimes that story gets rewritten for you. Not everyone gets the perfect chance, but overcoming our challenges and rise is where the fighting spirit lives. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak to Army Veteran, Actor, Motivational Speaker, COL Retired Greg Gadson...

Jun 20, 2021

Did you know that the game of Golf is a great form of therapy? Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak to Rob Koon, Co-founder and Chairman of Links to Freedom, and Steve Greiner Co-founder, Executive Director, and PGA Professional about the game of golf and the form of therapy it provides. Links to Freedom has developed...

Jun 13, 2021

Your transition from the military is just around the corner, and you find yourself asking, what do I do next? For many, the chance to find employment after service can be daunting. But leveraging the DoD's Skillbridge Program is a great way to flatten that anxiety. Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak to Eric Eversole...

Jun 6, 2021

We know that physical, mental health is important, but what about spiritual health? Listen to LTC Olivia Nunn speak to Chaplain COL Steve Prost and Chaplain LTC Paul Fritts on the importance of spiritual fitness and the ties it has to spiritual readiness.